Public Activity

The March of the Living

Within the framework of public activity for Holocaust Survivors in Israel, Aviv for Holocaust Survivors  organizes  on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day every year
”The March for the Living” – An annual march  to raise awareness of the situation and condition of Holocaust Survivors.

The March gathers at a rally at Habima Square Tel Aviv, and from there proceeds along the length of Rothschild Boulevard.  Participants , including  members of Knesset, public figures, spiritual leaders, Holocaust Survivors themselves and the general public unite together under the call to reach out  and help the  Holocaust Survivors .

Aviv for Holocaust Survivors is leading a public campaign to invite the general public to imprint a signature of a yellow hand as a sign of identifying with Holocaust Survivors.   You are also invited to make a virtual imprint through the application below on your computer or cellular phone.
Our aim is to collect 180,00  such imprints symbolizing the 180,000 Survivors living in Israel today.

Signature of the Yellow Hand

נותנים יד לניצולי השואה

Success Story

A Monthly Pension of €239 and a retroactive amount of €51,000

Shlomo, a resident of Tel Aviv, called in to the organization’s advisory hotline,  requesting assistance for his mother, Hana, a 95 year old Lithuanian born survivor.   He said that his mother had been in the Vilna Ghetto but ever since she came to live in Israel, she has never received any financial assistance whatsoever as a survivor.

Recently, Shlomo found an old document in German confirming that she did indeed live in the Vilna Ghetto and asked for help in submitting  a new application.
Shlomo was referred to the Tel Aviv Entitlement Centre  which operates with the support of the Los Angeles Jewish Federation.

The consulting lawyer, Adv. Noa Shein, who met Shlomo, sent the document to be translated and recommended that an application be made to the German Government for a social pension because of his mother’s work in the ghetto.  In addition, Adv. Shein recommended that a new application be made for an allowance given to Camps and Ghetto Survivors.  Adv. Shein completed all the necessary application forms and sent them to the relevant authorities.   Recently, the request for a social pension was granted and it was determined that Hana would receive a monthly pension of €239   – and  in addition to which she received a retroactive payment of €51,000.  Thus, thanks to the assistance of Aviv for Holocaust Survivors, Hana receives at the age of 95, for the first time in her life, a regular payment which helps her finance her medical expenses.

Aviv still accompanies Hana until the completion of the process and approval of her application for a Camps and Ghetto Survivor’s allowance.